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Donate monthly to keep families safe and secure in their homes

Unexpected financial situations or declining health contribute to the inability of the homeowners to manage the ongoing upkeep of their residence, be it emergency repairs or foreclosure.

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Helping those who cannot help themselves

The St. Johns Housing Partnership is committed to promoting safe, decent and affordable housing in North Florida. We do this by creating links between the public and private sectors on projects that create low- and moderate-income housing, rebuild neglected homes and neighborhoods, thus benefiting disadvantaged areas and enhancing community economic and social development.

Since 1998, SJHP has positively impacted St. Johns County, FL and the surrounding area by making housing more affordable for citizens in need. We have accomplished this by working closely with generous individuals, organizations, and institutions throughout our community.

Our unique approach has been extremely successful. With the help of private and corporate donors, government entities, and various foundations, SJHP has been able to expand service offerings and reach a wider geographical area, ultimately helping to change more lives.

From our HUD-certified housing counseling services which include budgeting, loan modifications, and foreclosure prevention, to our emergency repairs program, SJHP is working to improve the lives of neighbors less fortunate.

SJHP is known throughout the community as the organization to call for help but due to drastic cuts in funding, we are no longer solely able to meet the needs of our community. The economy may be in a period of decline yet our client waiting list continues to grow! Now more than ever, SJHP is working with businesses within the community to lend a hand in improving the lives of those less fortunate.

The St. Johns Housing Partnership asks for your assistance in keeping families safe and secure. Your contribution will go far in keeping families in their homes, as it protects and enhances our community’s economic viability.

St. Johns Housing Partnership is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and member of the United Way.